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We offer a full stud dog fertility examination service, unlike some services that can evaluate the semen only but are not qualified to examining the dog or most veterinary surgeons that have no experience in semen evaluation.

We are all fully qualified with experience in semen evaluation so we offer a complete service to fully assess the fertility of your stud dog. We can also trial chill or freeze your dogs semen to assess its suitability for preservation by these methods. Collection of semen from stud dogs is usually a fairly straight forward procedure, as long as the dog is used to having people around him during mating. Bringing a bitch in heat with you that the dog can mount will usually help with semen collection and may improve the quality of sample collected.

Collection of Semen

The collection of semen from dogs is a procedure that many breeders are happy to do themselves. Others, however, may not feel that they have the experience to collect a good semen sample or feel that they do not wish to do it. At Dog Fertility North East we are happy to collect semen from your dog, whether this is for assessment, chilling, chilling for shipping, or freezing. Collecting a semen sample is easier if a bitch in oestrus is present and if the dog is used to having people around him while he mates a bitch. We have facilities to fully assess the quality of the semen and preserve it to maximize fertility. We understand that the timings involved in the export of fresh frozen semen can be fraught with problems, and to maximize the quality of the semen we are available to collect, evaluate, chill and freeze semen 365 days a year. At Dog Fertility North East we can also video the microscopic appearance of the semen as a record of its quality and activity, so giving you additional peace of mind. Also, should you wish to learn how to best collect semen from your dog we will be happy to teach you how to do this.

Freezing of Semen

Why freeze canine semen? The most obvious advantage of frozen semen is the ability to store indefinitely the genetic potential of an animal. Once semen is frozen it does not deteriorate, and there have been pregnancies reported from semen that is over 40 years old. Frozen semen well and truly outlives the normal lifespan of the donor. Perhaps the most important reason is to preserve and insure the breeding potential of a dog against loss, death or infertility. This provides for the stud dog to sire puppies when he is no longer able to do so. Freezing semen also allows for the transport of genetic material between countries. When is the best time to freeze semen from my dog? Ideally semen should be collected from males that are between 18 months and 5 years of age. From 5 years of age onwards, the frequency of prostatic and other disease increases which has an effect on semen quality. Semen from older males can still be frozen very successfully. Ensure the male has been fit and healthy both at the time of collection and for the previous few months. A sick or stressed dog will not provide a quality collection. Furthermore, a high fever in the past can adversely affect semen quality for several months after the event. If the male is over 6 years old, has a history of prostatic disease, or has dubious fertility, it may be advisable to have a semen evaluation and “test-freeze” performed before co.ukmitting to storage of large amounts of semen.

How much semen should I freeze?

There are many different semen freezing techniques. At Dog Fertility North East we freeze semen in 0.5 ml straws with a total of around 50 million sperm/straw. The recommended minimum number of motile sperm required per “intra-uterine artificial insemination (AI)” or per “mating” is 100 million normal, motile sperm per insemination. Therefore the number of straws required per mating with frozen semen depends on how well the semen freezes. The number of straws frozen per semen collection varies between breeds and individuals. Up to 20 straws have been achieved from a single collection. An average collection will produce from 5 to 10 straws. Frozen semen can be stored indefinitely in liquid nitrogen.A breeding unit is that quantity of semen required to produce a pregnancy at one insemination. The breeding unit is 100 million live sperm cells. To achieve 100 million it may require 4 –10 straws. The quantity of semen obtained per collection is dependent on the dog’s sperm count and size. Most medium to large breeds produce 4-5 breeding units of 100 million sperm cells. Small dogs may only produce 1 –2 breeding units. In general, a young mature dog (18 months -5 years of age) will have a higher sperm count and better quality semen than older dogs or young immature dogs. Breeders may need to obtain more than one ejaculation in order to obtain sufficient semen for their breeding plans. Dogs may be collected twice, just 20 minutes apart without any deterioration of quality of the second collection (i.e. doesn’t have to be on separate occasions) For further information or to make an appointment please contact us.

Export or Import of Frozen Semen

Frozen semen can be shipped within and between countries in specially designed shipping containers. Import requirements differ from country to country and unfortunately these can change without notice. Furthermore, there are health requirements that must be met at the time of collection of the ejaculate intended for exportation. A large amount of paperwork is often involved with the exportation and importation of frozen semen. Dog Fertility North East Reproduction can take the stress out of this process by dealing with the relevant authorities on your behalf. For anyone wishing to go it alone further information can be obtained from the relevant authorities of the destination countries. Most have websites. Further help can be obtained from the Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI), American Kennel Club or The Kennel Clubs of the intended destination country or countries:

For further information on frozen semen please contact us.

Chilled Semen Preparation and Shipment

Dog Fertility North East can supply kits and instructions for shipping fresh chilled semen by owners of stud dogs or Dog Fertility North East can collect, quality assess, and ship on a clients behalf. One of the many advantages of using Dog Fertility North East for collections is that should a large amount of prostatic fluid be collected we can spin and resuspend the semen before extending. We have contracts with Fed Ex and DHL and can arrange next day delivery to many countries.

For more information on chilled semen or to make an appointment please contact us.

Storage of Frozen Semen

We can store frozen semen straws either which we have collected and processed ourselves or that have been produced elsewhere. Obviously accidents can happen and, like not putting all your eggs in one basket, it is recommended that you split the collection of straws of valuable semen. We are happy to arrange to transport straws to facilitate this but equally we split all the collections of straws we hold into two separate tanks in different locations so should the worst happen, not all will be lost. You can therefore be reassured that your semen is stored in the safest way possible.

You can also be assured that your dog’s semen remains your property and we will not release it or transport it unless authorised to by you.

For more information on the storage of frozen semen please contact us.

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