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Assessment of Semen

Dog Fertility North East Reproduction can assess the quality of semen samples. This could be needed for any number of reasons:

Bitches missing,

  • Prior to freezing
  • Before shipping, particularly before shipping any dog’s semen for the first time.

The quantity of semen obtained per collection is dependent on the dog’s sperm count and size. Most medium to large breeds produce 4-5 breeding units of 100 million sperm cells. Small dogs may only produce 1 –2 breeding units. In general, a young mature dog (18 months -5 years of age) will have a higher sperm count and better quality semen than older dogs or young immature dogs. Breeders may need to obtain more than one ejaculation in order to obtain sufficient semen for their breeding plans.


Collection of Semen

The collection of semen from dogs is a procedure that many breeders are happy to do themselves. Others, however, may not feel that they have the experience to collect a good semen sample or feel that they do not wish to do it. At Dog Fertility North East we are happy to collect semen from your dog, whether this is for assessment, chilling, chilling for shipping, or freezing. Collecting a semen sample is easier if a bitch in oestrus is present and if the dog is used to having people around him while he mates a bitch. We have facilities to fully assess the quality of the semen and preserve it to maximize fertility. We understand that the timings involved in the export of fresh frozen semen can be fraught with problems, and to maximize the quality of the semen we are available to collect, evaluate, chill and freeze semen 365 days a year. At Dog Fertility North East we can also video the microscopic appearance of the semen as a record of its quality and activity, so giving you additional peace of mind. Also, should you wish to learn how to best collect semen from your dog we will be happy to teach you how to do this.

Services available:-

  • Ultrasound scanning
  • Stud Dog Fertility Testing
  • Collection/Preparation of semen, for export including fresh/chilled and frozen
  • Artificial Insemination trans-vaginal and trans-cervical (endoscope) in-conjunction with veterinary practice
  • Storage of frozen semen straws
  • Mobile freezing facility
  • Stud Dog & Semen Preservation


European & World-Wide Shipping.

We organise regular shipments to world-wide destinations for our clients requiring frozen semen and fresh/chilled semen to overseas destinations. In order to reduce costs further for our clients, we are able to organise shared shipments. Please contact the office to add your details to our database and we will be happy to update you when a shipment to your country destination is being made.

For help and advice, please call 07501 172560